Dear friend, dear colleague,

Please allow us a few minutes of your precious time to summarize the final balance of the 9th Edition of Milano Masterclass (MiMa), EndoMilano and Milano Rhinoplasty Magic Moments Milano Masterclass 2017.
We have received countless emails thanking and congratulating for the magnificent MiMa 2017. We have also been inundated for requests of photographs of the event. Participants have been provided with username/password in order to view the photographs from each of the 5 days of the Masterclass.
MiMa 2017 arrival gathered momentum and magnitude week by week. The delegates arrived from 67 countries. All seats were taken weeks before the start. We had to arrange an additional lecture hall equipped with a teleconference system for late-comers.
Definitely, Milano Masterclass has become the most globally recognised meeting in its field.
There are many reasons for this level of success.
First and foremost, the unparalleled scale of lectures, presentations, and videos delivered surgical education that might be envied, but hardly duplicated. Always to the point, and relevant to the daily challenges faced by endoscopic and rhinoplasty surgeons, the Faculty created an outstanding atmosphere for free exchange of ideas. In addition to learning the intricacies of the technical challenges, delegates witnessed how the masters handled hair-raising emergency and complicated situations, and coped with seemingly hopeless scenarios.
As always, the Gala Dinner Gala Dinner Milano Masterclass 2017 proved to be hugely popular. Set in the astonishing Museum of the Diocese of Milan, we enjoyed the finest examples of Milanese cuisine, listened to live performances of Italian arias, and enjoyed the marvellous opportunity to meet old friends and establish new contacts. Amongst the plethora of meetings and conferences, the Masterclass remains unique in its ability to bring people together from around the globe for a few days of intense teaching and learning in a supportive, friendly atmosphere.
Please be aware that both of us, as the Masterclass Directors, do immensely value your significant efforts in attending the Milano Masterclass. You flew into Milano - and many of the attendees had flown from across the World -, at high expense, and removed yourself from clinical duties and family engagements in order to enhance your professional development. In return, we can assure you that we worked tirelessly over the past two years to ensure that you will be educated, entertained, and enlightened by the best teachers and avant-garde surgeons. Also, we tried our utmost to provide you with a sample of the world-famous Italian hospitality, from the kindness and efficacy of our team at the welcome desk to the quality, variety and abundance of lunches and coffee-breaks.

We are making plans to make the 10th anniversary edition even more exciting, spirited and engaging.

With our heartfelt thanks,
Paolo & Pietro

MiMa directors
Paolo Castelnuovo & Pietro Palma